Who am I?

My name is John Molnar and I’m running to represent Utah’s 4th District in the US Congress in 2020. I am an Army and Iraq veteran. I was a part of the Military Intelligence community during my time in the Army and have practical experience in international relations especially regarding the Middle East. I’m a soldier and not a politician, so you’ll have to excuse my lack of understanding in political etiquette.

My proposal that I’m currently calling “Molnar’s 13”, is the agenda I am basing my campaign on. I hope you enjoy it and find it well thought out. These changes are my response to some of the red flags that pop out to me with our own government and my attempt to remedy them.

The most obvious example of this with Utah is in regards to Prop 2 which voters favored to implement a medical marijuana program within the state. State legislatures have been hell bent on changing the law the voters selected. To me, that is the definition of corruption. It violates our constitution and the very foundation of our democratic legislative process. Something I swore to uphold and defend in the oath I took when I enlisted in the Army.

It is my hope to restore many individual liberties to the people of this country while reigning in the politicians from their pedestal of privilege.

Have a good one.

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