Molnar’s 13

1: All members of the three branches of government shall have their salaries equated to the median household income of the people they represent, minus the unemployment rate of the same. This amount will be reviewed and adjusted annually with their respective budgets.

2: All government officials and their families must receive all healthcare treatment at their local Veteran Affairs Hospitals. No exceptions.

3: No individual may hold any combination of political or judicial office for more than 20 years, or upon reaching the age of 65. Retirement will be mandatory dependent upon which circumstance occurs first. Medical diagnosis that would force separation from Military service will also require separation from political or judicial duties and an early retirement.

4: Persons holding political or judicial offices shall no longer have any immunity from lawsuits and shall make no laws that apply to themselves any differently than they do to the common people.

5: All government officials will no longer receive special exemption of taxation and will be taxed at the same rate as their constituents.

6: Government officials will no longer receive retirement packages outside of the standard Social Security available to the people they represent. They are allowed to pursue their own retirement plans with their own funding.

7: All government agencies will be made vulnerable to lawsuits by removing immunity statutes and complications in law that prevent the common man from pursuing recourse in court for a redress of grievances.

8: A ballot measure voted for by the people shall be implemented by the respective governing body in exact accordance with the voters desires. Any alterations to the measure must be made by a vote of the people during a following election. Any government official found altering a ballot measure outside of the people’s desire is to be immediately removed from office and imprisoned for corruption and treason against the Constitution of the United States and the democracy for which our voting system stands.

9: No government body may make any exceptions to these laws listed in this article. Not during peacetime, nor war time. No exceptions whatsoever. Any exceptions made shall signify to the people that corruption has returned to their government and it must be immediately overthrown.

10: Law enforcement may not stop any person while in an unmarked vehicle. A person being stopped by an unmarked vehicle will be under no legal obligation to stop and will face no recourse for failing to do so.

11: No laws shall be made that do not apply equally between genders or race. Including registration for the draft, subsidies, affirmative actions, etc. Only exception shall be in regards to military occupational status which is the sole jurisdiction of the Department of Defense in its determinations of eligibility.

12: Only citizens may vote, hold political office, judicial office, or be licensed to practice law. Members of the US Military who do not possess citizenship shall be awarded full citizenship upon an honorable completion of their first enlistment contract.

13: Civil asset forfeiture is to be immediately ceased and removed from practice. The government shall make no laws that violate the right of private property.

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